Love Island: Kaz Kamwi and Liberty Poole held at knifepoint in Los Angeles

The two Love Island beauties were vacationing in Los Angeles when they experienced one of the most terrifying events of their lives. However, both of them are now safe.

Love Island’s Kaz Kamwi and Liberty Poole may not have been able to find love in the villa, but they find a rock-solid friendship in each other. The two had been on a holiday together in the US after attending Coachella last month. One of the days of their girls’ trip had them thanking their lucky stars for their lives.

Party gone wrong

The incident occurred last Thursday when 26-year-old Kaz and 22-year-old Liberty were going to a party in LA and mistakenly got down in the wrong part of the neighbourhood. Just when they were about to enter the party, their idyllic getaway turned into a nightmare as they were approached by a 40-year-old woman and held at knifepoint. The woman appeared out of nowhere and began to threaten them when passers-by alerted the cops. A source close to them told The Sun:

Liberty and Kaz were obviously shocked and terrified — especially because guns are legal in the US.
But fortunately for them, two men who had been walking past came to their rescue and called the police.
The girls have been left shaken up by the incident and are just surprised that it happened to them. But they’re grateful that the two men were in the right place at the right time, to help them.

Grateful for their lives

After the incident, the two have been enjoying and continuing on their holiday as normal until yesterday, when they both addressed the horror on their Instagram stories. The reality TV stars shared a video on their Instagram stories and sent out a message to people thanking them for all their support. Kaz started the video by saying:

We wanted to jump on really quickly and say thank you for all the messages we have received.

Liberty added:

Obviously, it was a scary incident that happened on Thursday, but we didn’t want it to affect the rest of our holiday so we’ve just been continuing on as normal and living our best lives.
And obviously, it’s horrible that that happened, but we’re OK and that’s the main thing that we’re safe.

The two have now headed back home from their once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience and are ready to get back to their respective work, putting the terrifying ordeal behind them.

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