Love Island fans predict a ‘carnage’ if Casa Amor returns because of this contestant

Casa Amor which translates to house of love has been a Love Island staple since 2017. And fans expect that this season’s Casa Amor will be maximum fun due to one particular contestant.

We're only halfway through the second week, but Love Island fans are already demanding for the iconic Casa Amor to return as they make a prediction. The house of love which brings the maximum amount of drama, break-ups and revelations is expected to be even more fun this year if Ekin-Su stays.

One man Casa Amor

As Ekin-Su appears to be that one chick who wants to know everyone, fans predict she is going to create the ultimate drama and ‘carnage’ in the Casa Amor. The Mirror confirms that it has not yet been confirmed if Casa Amor is making a comeback this season after receiving the highest number of complaints last year. However, the viewers are still hopeful that if Ekin-Su sticks around, it's going to be as amazing and chaotic as her. Fans took to Twitter and wrote:

I cannot wait to see Ekin-Su at Casa Amor it’s gonna be carnage.

Another added:

Ekin Su is a disaster class event!!! I absolutely am here for it. She is a walking talking Casa Amor.

A third shared:

Lol Ekin Su is a funny girl, she’s always ready to get to know everyone. Please please people keep her in, I wanna see her bring back 3 man from Casa Amor

Player on the move

The prediction comes after Ekin-Su appears to be a player on the move in the villa. She made it apparent during her recent visit that she would do whatever it took to get what she wanted, and she was successful in convincing Davide to couple up with her. The couple shared a steamy kiss together and appeared to be a potential couple, until later, when she was found flirting with Jacques. She even confessed that she wanted to be in bed with him instead of Davide. Oh, poor Davide!

And it didn’t take her too long to form a beeline for the new bombshell Jay as she made him lunch that they shared in Lady and the Tramp style. It was after this, The Sun reported, that Davide’s family even made a comment about who he should stay with instead:

He’s got a big heart and deserves someone genuine, someone on the same Pa(i)ge.

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