Love Island fans have been directing abuse at this contestant for her superpower

Every contestant is bound to have critics as they appear on the show that is Love Island, however, Tasha Ghouri's critics have taken it a bit too far.

Love Island is a show that thrives off drama. While most tweets and opinions about the show only bring in a new perspective or more drama for the viewers, some of them are straight-up abuse directed at contestants. Tasha Ghouri seems to be at the receiving end of such vile criticism by the viewers.

So much for contestant aftercare

The ITV2 dating reality show previously confirmed that they would take extra care of the contestant’s mental health in this series. However, they seem to be falling back in completing this task. The 23-year-old Tasha Ghouri – who is the first deaf contestant on the show- has been receiving a lot of abuse directed towards her disability.

Tasha and Andrew were trying to explore their connection together when she got her head turned by the new bombshell Jay and this did not go down well with the fans. They got furious at her for her actions and gave some advice to the real estate agent, according to the Independent. One fan tweeted:

It would be perfect if Andrew just pulls out her hearing aids and slide tackles her into the pool until she drowns.

While others added comments like they would like to rip off her cochlear implant if they were in the villa and some speculated how long it would take for Andrew to take out the device at some point.

This comes after her family posted on her Instagram on Saturday and urged people not to make fun of her ‘Superpower’ – the term she uses to describe her disability. All these viewers engaging in such comments are encouraging disability hate crimes online.

Is this the future?

It is not just Tasha who is being virtually bullied, but Amber Beckford – who recently had to leave the villa – was also subjected to online harassment. Mirror reports that her family had to take down her Twitter account so that the vile comments made to her during her time on the show, don’t get to the contestant’s head or heart.

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