Love Island extended tonight for the ‘most dramatic’ recoupling ever seen on the show

As Casa Amor ends tonight, Love Island viewers can expect an episode full of drama and explosion as Islanders decide to stick or twist.

The Casa Amor carnage that everyone has predicted since the start of the show is finally coming to a climax tonight. As Islanders get ready to take a decision after their week-long relationship test, fans are in for an extra treat today.

Drama Drama Drama

Thursday night’s Love Island will be extended as the villa gets ready for a dramatic recoupling. As new couples are formed in the villa and ‘explosive’ scenes of heartache are expected to follow, ITV is giving viewers an extra five minutes of drama. Reportedly, tonight’s episode is the most dramatic and explosive that Love Island has ever witnessed. A source told The Sun:

It's one of the best episodes of Love Island ever filmed. It's really explosive - viewers will be shocked at how much drama kicks off tonight.
There are tears, rows, and heartbreak. In eight series, there has never been a more explosive show. Fans should cancel plans to stay in and watch - it's that good.

As ITV sets the tone for the most dramatic recoupling ever, the drama that unfolds tonight is sure nerve-racking for not only Islanders but also the fans.

Stick or Twist?

This comes after the Islanders have spent time with the new bombshells and now have to face the music. The girls went to Casa Amor to meet six new guys and the boys stayed in the main villa where they met six new girls. After days full of finding new connections and questioning existing ones, the moment of truth has arrived when Islander decide to stick or twist.

Contestants must now choose whether to stick with their original couplings or change to a new bombshell. While the boys – such as Dami Hope, Andrew Le Page, and Jacques O'Neill – have been living with an out-of-sight, out-of-mind mentality and enjoying their freedom, girls have been comparatively more loyal to their connections.

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Love Island: The show gets extended tonight as the drama in the villa unfolds Love Island: The show gets extended tonight as the drama in the villa unfolds