Love Island bombshell Jay’s ex-girlfriend calls him Joe from You, here's why

Leaving fans to wonder what Jay is actually like, his ex-girlfriend Mal claims that the hunk dumped her to be on the show.

The 28-year-old investment analyst from Edinburgh made an appearance on the show as a bombshell recently. Ever since he arrived in the villa, he has been a hit amongst the ladies, however, the hunk may have a dark side to him. Speaking to The Sun, Jay’s ex-girlfriend revealed a lot of things about him that the girls in the villa need to be careful about.

Joe from You!

Claiming that Jay is brutal and cutthroat in his way of life, Mal compared the bombshell with the main character of the Netflix series–You. Charming narcissist Joe Goldberg played by Penn Badgley is an obsessive and psychotic character with murderous tendencies. Mal told the publication:

Me and the flatmate would always joke 'Jay's like the guy from You. The guy Joe, from the show, is very methodical, he's a serial killer murderer, obviously, Jay's not, but the way he's so pristine. We would always joke, saying 'you never see Jay with a cap on cos he's Joe from You.

Characterising him as someone who falls quite fast and the jealous kind, she added:

That's another characteristic. He's very selfish and will do absolutely anything to benefit him. He is absolutely cut-throat. Something he would say is 'people are disposable'. I'm intrigued to see what he does with these girls.

Break up for the show

Mal also intended in her conversation that Jay broke up with her to appear on the show. The two were together for six months until in December last year he decided to call it quits after a ‘work trip’ in London. She confirmed:

It was traumatising. I didn't recognise him. I was looking at him and did not see him at all. It was horrible.
I was meant to be spending Christmas with his family. I don't want to experience anything like that again. It was brutal.

Military in his ways

Jay is a guy who never misses a gym day and pushes his body to tough limits and challenges. Taking a dig at him and his diet Mal commented:

I hope the villa has stocked up on enough eggs!

While she continues to reveal things about Jay, his brother had something else to say:

It is very hurtful to see others mischaracterise Jay and label him with defamatory, unkind remarks that he has no ability to respond to right now. Everything here is completely inaccurate. We're looking forward to Jay showing viewers the kind, funny and intelligent guy his friends and family know and love.

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