Laura Whitmore slips out Ekin-Su’s secret from Casa Amor

Love Island's Laura Whitmore reveals a couple's covert sex act at Casa Amor before the brutal dumping night.

The recoupling that took place after Casa Amor ended sure left many baffled, heartbroken or in shock. However, not everything was disclosed during the recoupling and Laura Whitmore made sure to let out the secret for this couple.

Hypocrisy at its best

The Sun reports that when Laura Whitmore went on to Capital Breakfast and spoke to Ronan Kemp, she let out Ekin-Su’s secret sex act from when she was in Casa Amor. Everyone saw Ekin-Su and George Tasker getting close in Casa Amor and even sharing a bed, but what no one knows is something actually happened between the two of them.

Addressing the entire, Davide recoupling with Ekin-Su ‘Oh, so beautiful’moment, she told Ronan:

I was kind of watching her [Ekin-Su] in my peripheral.
So I’ll be talking to, I think it was Mollie when Mollie said about being in the bed with Davide, and I was just like “oh!”, and Ekin-Su just grabbed his hand and threw it away, like yes Ekin-Su!
But I’ve also seen you having a little fiddle as well, I love it, the hypocrisy of it all!

While Davide and Ekin-Su got back together after Casa Amor, she was quite flushed after her night with George. The 23-year-old was seen telling the boys ‘Something pretty mad’ had happened between him and Ekin-Su.

Do Ekin-Su and Davide stand a chance?

While Ekin-Su had her fun in Casa Amor, she ended things with George on a friendly note. Meanwhile, Davide decided to pick Ekin-Su over Mollie after snogging her. The two have had a bumpy ride ever since the start of their relationship.

She coupled up with Davide only to go behind his back and kiss bombshell Jay Younger. From Jay, she jumped on to bombshell Charlie Radnedge and ultimately couldn’t ignore her feelings for Davide. Before Casa Amor, viewers saw her trying her best to regain his trust and as such, it is apparent that while Davide owned up to his acts with other girls, Ekin-Su didn’t reveal her secret.

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