Laura Whitmore slammed Ikenna for this comment he made about the show

Ikenna and Amber recently appeared on the Love Island Aftersun episode and Ikenna did something that made Laura Whitmore scold her.

Laura Whitmore was not very impressed by Ikenna Ekwonna's comment about his life on Love Island. Apparently, Ikenna assumed it to be a holiday instead of it being a quest for love.

Luxury holiday

The premise of the show revolves around singletons gathering together in the villa and finding love for them. However, the Mirror has reported that Ikenna’s idea of the ITV2 dating reality show was different from the rest of the world. When Laura asked Ikenna if there’s anything he would have done differently on the show and he replied:

No, I think I would have done it exactly the way I done it.

When Amber pointed out that Ikenna was indeed chilled out on the show, the former contestant agreed:

Chilled out, relax and enjoy the holiday.

It was this comment that did not go down well with Laura and she slammed Ikenna for his poor choice of words.

Laura Slams

Laura was in disbelief after hearing Ikenna say what he said and immediately lashed back at him. She said:

Hold on, wait a minute. It's not a holiday. You're in there to find love, not for a holiday.
Did you get the memo on what Love Island is about?

While Ikenna was left embarrassed, it isn’t something new that has come out in the open. Reportedly, fans had always assumed that his attitude on the show was way too laid back and rightly predicted that he had just come to the villa to enjoy a vacation. Fans took to Twitter earlier and said:

Ikenna can definitely leave, this man came for a free holiday #LoveIsland.
Ikenna has no chat, he’s just here for a holiday.

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