Katie Price will allegedly self-fund IVF treatment despite bankruptcy

It has been reported that Katie Price has begun IVF despite her bankruptcy and Carl Woods’ steroid use.

Katie Price has allegedly begun IVF in her quest to have a baby with her fiancé Carl Woods. A source told The Sun:

Katie is desperate to have a baby with Carl and will spend whatever it takes. She knows it won't be easy and that treatment can have a lot of side effects but it will be worth it if she and Carl get what they want.

Hoping for a baby despite debt and steroid use

The 43-year-old former glamour model revealed her 2022 plans earlier this year. Katie told The Sun:

We will get married this year. Yeah, I'm excited... It's just all exciting, the baby this year, hopefully, the baby.

According to the source, she will be self-funding her IVF treatment despite having paid back just over £3 million of her debts, which means she still owes creditors more than £3m, as reported by The Sun.

Carl is also afraid he won’t be able to have children after admitting to years of steroid use. He told Steph's Packed Lunch:

I’ve got a history of using steroids when I was younger. It’s always been in the back of my mind what potential damage I may or may not have done when I was taking them.

A 'baby intervention'

In addition, according to Closer Magazine, an insider has revealed how friends and family of the OnlyFans star are concerned about Katie having a baby and are apparently planning to stage a 'baby intervention'. The insider said:

Katie’s made no secret of the fact she would love another baby but her friends and family are deeply worried. They want Katie to focus on her own issues right now and her five kids. She still hasn’t battled her demons and she’s only just got back with Carl.

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