Katie Price slammed by fans for photoshopping picture of disabled son Harvey

The former glamour model has come under fire, once again, after fans noticed she photoshopped a picture she took of Harvey on his 20th birthday.

The controversial figure has angered fans who believe the mother has stooped to a new low after photoshopping a snap she took of son Harvey on his 20th birthday.

Photoshopping Harvey

Though Katie's intentions were to congratulate Harvey for his second decade birthday, the mother-of-five also decided to face tune her son and post the picture on instagram. And though some fans did not notice or seem to mind all that much, others were quick to react and call her out for what they felt was utterly unnecessary.

One angered fan wrote:

Editing your own son? Wow. His whole face has been edited and completely airbrushed. This looks nothing like Harvey. I would never photoshop my child’s face to make him look totally different.

While another quipped:

Blimey she’s even heavily filtering his pics now. Why can’t people show their natural looks on line. Such a sad world.

And a third said:

Katie has clearly photoshopped Harvey, it looks nothing like him. She should be ashamed.

Price's parenting skills called into question again

This isn't the first time the plastic surgery enthusiast has had her parenting skills questioned by the public. Earlier this year, Price was accused of using her son's disability for her own personal gains after she and Harvey participated in a meet and greet at a flashy nightclub.

Fans believed that someone with high-level autism should think twice before attending public spaces with loud music and flashing lights that could very-well trigger an anxiety attack. Price did not comment on the incident.

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