Katie Price ends 22 year nasty feud with Victoria Beckham in recent Instagram post

Katie Price and Victoria Beckham have been at odds since the 90s. However, it looks like Katie has put the feud behind her for good now.

Anyone who knows the history between Katie Price and Victoria Beckham knows that they haven’t been best of friends. They have had their fair share of rifts, to an extent that Victoria even sang ‘Who Let The Dogs Out?’ to her.

Buried the hatchet

It now looks like the two have been mellowing down with age. Both of them are rarely in touch since Victoria has moved out to Miami. However, the former glamour model’s recent Instagram post appeared to praise her once arch-nemesis. Katie included a photo of Victoria on the front cover of Grazia magazine wearing a black bra and bunny ears to her story.

Despite having passed comments on her looks in the past, Katie wrote on the picture:

@victoriabeckham looks stunning. See us girls in our 40s still have it.

This is in sharp contrast to some of her comments on Victoria throughout the years. Katie revealed the former Spice Girl doesn't smile in images because she has ‘horrible teeth’ during an appearance on Loose Women.

History together

Victoria and Katie have been so anti-each other that once Victoria changed her flight when she found out that Katie would also be travelling in first class with her. This was a little surprising for Katie and she even commented on it saying:

A few years ago I was checking into a Virgin flight. They told me she [Victoria] found out I was in First Class and she changed her flight to get on another one

She added:

I’m Nemo in the sea, she’s a whale – a bigger fish in the sea I mean.

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