Johnny Depp’s penis was the focus of the court case against Amber Heard

The lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has not finished surprising the audience. Near the end of last week, Heard’s lawyer asked a weird question.

Another twist in the legal saga between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. With the hearing broadcast on both YouTube and social networks, on Thursday, April 28, the 58-year-old actor reacted in a very surprising way to one of the wackiest questions yet.

A surprising question

The more the trial progresses, the more the details of their life as a couple are revealed. Adultery, drugs, sexual practices: the intimacy of the two protagonists, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, is full of grey areas. In the Fairfax court in Virginia (USA), Amber Heard and Johnny Depp accused each other of domestic violence and tore each other apart with murderous revelations.

Following a question from Amber Heard's lawyer, the judge and all those attending the trial were able to discover a surprising detail about the actor.

Her lawyer asked Malcolm Connolly, Johnny Depp's bodyguard:

Have you ever seen Johnny Depp's penis?"

The question echoes Amber Heard's accusations about the actor's behaviour. The 36-year-old actress described her ex urinating all over the place in their villa in Australia in 2015.

An unusual trial

The lawyer, therefore, asks the question:

Mr Depp was trying to urinate in the foyer, wasn't he?

But in response to the next question,

Mr Depp had his penis out of his trousers, didn't he?

The bodyguard clearly denies having seen his employer with his private parts out in the open.

An accusation that made the Pirates of the Caribbean star laugh out loud in court. He then tried to hide his attitude by covering his face with his arm... But not enough to escape the eyes of the justice representatives.

Before the question was objected to, Connelly said:

I think I’d remember seeing Mr Depp’s penis.

The bodyguard then also took a humorous tone to answer the last questions. Malcolm Connolly made it clear:

He has a very high tolerance for all substances. I think Jack Sparrow is drunker than Johnny Depp.

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