Jacques O’Neill turns down Celeb Go Dating offer for Paige Thorne

While Paige gets up close and personal with Adam Collard in the villa, Jacques has turned down a £60,000 offer to wait for her to come back from the show.

After quitting the Love Island villa, Jacques O’Neill has been dedicated to getting better and waiting for Paige Thorne to leave the villa. Just as he promised her on the show. Meanwhile, Adam and Paige are getting closer every day with them also sharing a kiss recently.

The waiting game

As Jacques got out of the villa, he was reportedly approached by the execs of Celeb Go Dating, who gave him an offer of £60,000 to take part in the show. The Sun reports that the former rugby player has turned down the offer as he wants to wait for Paige and be with her. A source confirmed:

It’s very early days and bookers for Celebs Go Dating have only really just got started.
But an Islander always makes for a great signing and Jacques is a real stand-out, particularly because he’s already shown that he’s willing to put the work in and really change.
That’ll make him a really credible candidate for the agency’s help, never mind be someone that fans would tune in for.

However, the troubled hunk would rather take a chance with Paige than go on another show.

But Jacques wants to wait for Paige so it may well be too late by the time she emerges.

Antigoni & Jacques

This comes after fans have been wanting Antigoni Buxton and Jacques to get together. The two had become great friends on the show, according to The Sun, and recently took their mothers out for a brunch in London. As they shared snaps of each other on their Instagram claiming to be ‘besties,’ fans really want the two of them to get together in real life. They begged the stars:

Please get together.
Why don't you 2 get together you would make a great couple lol.
You guys actually look quite cute together

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