Jack Keating asked out this bombshell from Casa Amor

Ronan Keating’s son – Jack Keating may not have been able to find love in his journey on the show, however, it seems like not all is lost.

Jack Keating was one of the six bombshells sent to Casa Amor for the OG girls. He appeared to have struck a bit of a bond with Gemma Owen, however, he was unlucky to find his way into the main villa. After being dumped from the show he appeared on the Spin-off show – Aftersun on Sunday.

Casa Amor match

Dailymail reports, that Jack Keating sent Jazmine Nichol a flirtatious message after their appearance on Love Island: Aftersun. Last week, the two were dumped from the show along with George, Samuel, Mollie, and Cheyanne. Jaz decided to couple up with him on the show and after fans spotted chemistry between the two, Jack asked her out for a second date.

The two were seen happy and laughing in each other’s company. So, a fan account on Instagram made a montage of their snaps. The post was shared by Jack on his stories and he wrote:

Second date? @jazminejaynenichol

Along with a praying hand and fingers crossed emoji. Jack had admitted on the show that he was ‘gutted’ to not have found love on the show, but with Jaz and Jack's chemistry that everyone witnessed, it may be about to change.

Casa Amor journeys

While the two looked happy together and enjoyed each other’s company, they wished to have done things differently during their time on the show. Jack admitted that he should have given more time to Danica and said:

If I could go back, I'd probably give a bit more time to Danica.
I don't think I really chatted to her until the second day. It's tough, you have to book some time in for the girls because it got so busy in there. If I could go back, it would probably be with Danica for sure.

Meanwhile, Jaz wished she would have given more attention to other boys and not just been so into Andrew. She confessed:

I was so tunnel vision on Andrew from day one. So, all the boys friend-zoned me because they'd bring up Andrew and say, ‘Oh you like Andrew.’
So I wish I'd changed who I was going for. But that's who I had the connection with.

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