Here’s what Tasha and Andrew stole from the Love Island villa

The couple that came in fourth on the show has opened up about what they’ve kept from the villa as keepsakes for their future plans together.

The two coupled up on day one of the show after the public paired them together. And after having somewhat of a turbulent journey in the villa, the two ultimately became official and have exciting plans for their future now.

Name cards

The Dubai-based 27-year-old real estate agent and the 23-year-old dancer have only known each other for two months and have already been planning to move in together, confirms The Sun. As such, the loved-up couple stole the name signs from their bed to keep in their new home. Andrew admitted:

We’ve taken the plaque of our names from our beds so we might add that somewhere.

This comes after Tasha and Andrew had one of the most romantic final dates on the show where Tasha broke down in tears.

Moving in!

Talking about their future plans together, the two confessed to wanting to build a home together. Plotting to move in together, Tasha also spoke about the Love Island-inspired things that she wants in their new house. She said:

I definitely want a neon sign that says ‘Good Vibes’
I even want a Love Island tattoo on my finger, to represent how I met Andrew. We’ve said we want the decor to be modern vibes.

While Andrew added:

Me being in real estate and my parents being in property, I’ll have to have a say, but we’ll do it together. Ultimately if she’s happy I’m happy.

To which Tasha excitedly replied:

It needs to have a hot tub!
One day, in the future, we want to build our own house. This is obviously looking years into the future.

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