Hailey Bieber shared this loving message with Justin Bieber amidst his health battle

Justin Bieber recently announced that he was diagnosed with a disease that left half of his face paralysed, however, his wife showed immense support.

Ever since Justin Bieber was a teenager, he has been entertaining an audience of millions with his pop songs. On Instagram alone, 241 million fans now follow him, eagerly awaiting updates from their idol. Over the weekend, the Canadian released some not-so-pleasant news. Bieber made a shocking revelation to his fans when he confessed that he suffered from facial paralysis due to a rare syndrome. He received immense support from his fans as well as from one very special person.

Justin Bieber confesses about his illness

Because of the COVID pandemic, Justin had to cancel his concerts last year. The singer had planned a huge world tour for 2022 but had to cancel the tourthat was already in the beginning stages.

In a 2-minute clip, which has already been viewed 50 million times, he explained the reason why to his fans.

The right side of Justin's face is immobile, so much so that he cannot even blink with his right eye or lift the right corner of his mouth. The Baby singer then disclosed that he was diagnosed with a rare disease called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. The syndrome is caused by herpes zoster, or shingles, and is triggered by a weakened immune system, as per the MayoClinic. The illness has attacked his nerve in the ear. He said:

I don't know how long it will take until my face is normal again

Hailey Bieber expresses her support

In the video, there were thousands of his supporters expressing their sympathy but his closest supporter was his own wife Hailey Beiber. As per USWeekly, the American model shared his video on her Instagram story and captioned it: ‘I love you, baby’. Moreover, it was not long ago when Hailey herself suffered a stroke, although she has made a good recovery.

Justin shared via his Instagram story that he is currently finding it difficult to eat. But the singer is undergoing treatment to cope with the disease in the best possible way.

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