Faye Winter and Teddy Soares: Couple get CCTV cameras following terrifying break in

The couple have had to take additional security measures after their car was broken into.

As fellow Love Island star Mary Bedford revealed that one her luggages was stolen while she was in a taxi heading to the airport, Faye Winter and Teddy Soares have stepped up their security game.

Taking precaution

After the couple had their car broken into, with Winter's camera having been stolen, they have now decided to take precaution as seriously as possible by getting CCTV installed in their property. The blonde bombshell took to social media to share the news with fans, by jokingly saying that could even catch Soares in his lies by watching the footage caught on camera. She said:

You guys might remember when me and Teddy got our car broken into, well since then our security has been high priority for me and I got the boys at Alpha to come and do the CCTV properly. We've obviously had the cameras, but they've come and they've been sick - so now I can see when Ted comes home, take pictures of it, send it to him.

Before adding:

If he tries to say to me that he's home at half past six and he's home at twenty-five to seven, you better believe I am sending him a picture like 'you liar'.

'Someone had touched all my stuff and invaded my privacy'

Though Winter found a way to make the issue lighthearted to her followers, the couple were visibly shaken when the event took place months prior. At the time, Soares had said:

I noticed my chair had been moved so I knew it was unusual and then the next day Faye needed her camera and I realised it wasn’t there.

And added:

It felt so strange getting into my car in and out for a while knowing someone had touched all my stuff and invaded my privacy.

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