Drama between Love Island contestants Tasha and Andrew heat up

As Andrew and Luca get into a row over Tasha chatting up with the new bombshell, Tasha reacts to Andrew’s ‘couldn’t care less’ comment.

Tasha, Andrew and Luca have been in a love triangle for a while now. And recently the viewers saw Luca and Andrew getting into an argument over Tasha and the new bombshell Jacques–who is now paired with Paige–getting to know each other.

Is Andrew for Tasha?

Tasha and Andrew recently shared a moment in their journey when they opened up about things and ended it with a passionate kiss. Since then, the couple has been uninterested in any arrivals to the villa—until the most recent episode of the ITV2 series. Andrew said he ‘couldn’t care less’ about Tasha chatting up with the new boy and it rubbed his pals the wrong way. According to the Mirror, Amber Beckford and Luca Bish both thought Andrew should care more about it.

And as everyone heard the row between Andrew and Luca, things were bound to get to Tasha eventually. Soon after the argument, Amber tried to spill every little detail to Tasha about what Andrew has said. She was intercepted by Andrew himself midway through her conversation. Later, he was seen clarifying things with Tasha.

Is Tasha for Andrew?

While the 27-year-old Dubai-based real estate agent from Guernsey was explaining things to Tasha, he was unaware of Tasha’s actions as well. In her chatting session with Jacques, Tasha confessed that while she liked Andrew, she was open to getting to know other boys. The two were constantly flirting with each other as the model was heard saying there’s a first time for everything when Jacques remarked he was more into brunettes.

It was at this point viewers knew that Tasha is as much not set on Andrew, as is he. This led to a flock of Twitter comments for Tasha. A viewer said:

Tasha? You’re open to get to know people? Does Andrew know this?
Lmao, I genuinely thought Tasha was completely perfect for Andrew and wouldn’t even bother with other guys, but here we are.

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