Did Love Island bosses force Jacques O’Neill to appear on Love Island's Aftersun?

Jacques O’Neill was the second contestant of the current series who decided to quit the show after it was getting too much for him to handle his emotions. But was he forced to do the spin-off episode?

According to new claims, Jacques O’Neill was forced to do the Love Island: Aftersun episode after he decided to quit the show owing to his mental health. The former rugby player felt like he had no choice but to be a part of the spin-off episode.

He did it anyway

ITV was involved in a verbal brawl over reports that Jacques O’Neill felt pressured into speaking about his experience on the show for the Love Island: Aftersun episode. Sources close to Jacques reveal that he went on to the show because he was stipulated to do so in his contract, confirms The Sun.

However, they feel the show bosses should have understood his distress and heard him when he said he wasn’t mentally ready to do the spin-off. The source said:

Jacques kept saying he wasn’t mentally well enough. It was quite obvious that was the case, especially when you read what he said after he came out of the villa.

Meanwhile, ITV bosses completely disagreed with the statement and insisted that they never forced Jacques to be a part of Love Island: Aftersun. They said:

[They are] genuinely committed to making sure the Islanders have a positive experience on the show.
[We would] respect an Islander’s decision if they didn’t want to participate and we would never force someone to take part in the programme.

Jacques, who admitted that going on Love Island was his worst decision ever, hasn’t directly commented on the entire episode.

Form of torture

While the truth still seems to be hidden, a source has also confirmed that the 23-year-old former rugby player was unhappy and even more distressed after appearing on the spin-off show. This comes as the show played a clip of Adam Collard making a move on Paige Thorne and kissing her.

Jacques, however, kept on a strong front and admitted that Paige is doing what she needs to do without making a scene out of it.

She needs to explore like I did. Before, I said 'you do what you need to do' and she's doing that.
I did see things on the outside working between us. Like I say she's doing what she needs to do.

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