Demi Jones opens up about weight gain since beating thyroid cancer

Though Demi Jones has successfully battled her way through cancer, the former Islander has revealed she is still suffering from the aftermath of the disease.

The 23-year-old fiery redhead, who came to prominence on the first winter Love Island in 2020, has opened about her daily struggles following complete remission from thyroid cancer.

Fluctuating weight and mood swings

After first noticing the apparition of a lump on her neck back in 2019, the social media influencer was eventually diagnosed with the disease in May of last year. She explained having received her diagnosis late because of appointment pushbacks as a result of the coronavirus pandemic taking precedence in hospitals.

Now, despite being cancer-free, Jones has revealed she is still suffering after-effects of the disease. Speaking to The Sun, she said:

I think I’m just learning to adapt with my body and the hormones. I’ve got really bad mood swings, my weight is fluctuating, I’m trying to balance it. The Full Monty was huge because everyone had gone through a similar thing or knew someone and it was really reassuring.

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'Not a single cancer cell left in my body'

Back in December of last year, Jones took to her social media to reveal to her 1.2 million followers the news that she had officially become cancer-free. In the post, she said:

I'M CANCER FREE! I did it! I got my full body scan results back and there's not a single cancer cell left in my body. It’s been such a difficult year mentally and physically for me with my surgeries and treatment but I’m beyond grateful for everyone’s kindness and support over this past year.

And added:

I will continue to be an advocate for cancer awareness and all my love and strength goes out to those who continue to fight this awful disease, here’s to a healthy and happy 2022.
Love Island: Demi Jones announces she’s cancer-free Love Island: Demi Jones announces she’s cancer-free