Coco Lodge: These are the two celebrities who have slid into her DMs

After exiting Love Island's Casa Amor, Coco Lodge has revealed that two celebrities have already slid into her DMs. Keep on reading to find out who!

Coco Lodge, whose real name is Chloe, gave it her all in this year's series of Love Island but was unfortunately unable to find love.

However, this hasn't stopped some celebrity admirers from reaching out to see if they can have a shot with the brunette beauty. As it turns out, Coco revealed that X Factor duo, Jedward, have contacted her. When a fan asked her who the most famous person was that slid into her DMs, she replied:

Jedward baby! And that was before I entered the villa. They slid in because my flatmate knows them and and she was like 'my flatmate's obsessed with you.' So they slid in and they were telling me how great I looked on the beach. I was like...yes!

What is Coco up to now?

Since leaving the show, Coco has decided that she will take time off from the spotlight and return to selling drinks in nightclubs, or as she calls it, 'shot girling'. The reason behind this decision is unclear but she did specify that she wanted to save money and was open to any interesting propositions that might involve returning the the public eye. In an interview right after getting the boot, she said:

I'm actually going to go back to shot girling next week. I'm actually excited. I think it's gonna be fun. I'm not just gonna live on my savings, no. So I'm gonna go back [to shot girling].

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