Rishi Sunak issues 'fulsome apology' after receiving comments for wearing Samba Adidas trainers

Rishi Sunak is the current Prime Minister of the UK. In his most recent interview, the PM received several comments and has issued an apology, for a surprising detail.

Rishi Sunal apology
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Rishi Sunal apology

Rishi Sunak is currently the Prime Minister and has not received the support from the public he had hoped. Indeed, a video of Sunak went viral when he didn’t know how to use a hammer while out on a visit.

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Moreover, the PM has also shown he cannot pour a pint at another visit, Rishi Sunak also doesn’t know how to use a contactless card and, as per The Guardian, he has admitted to having no working-class friends.

In Rishi Sunak’s most recent interview, it seems as though the PM tried to follow the current fashion trend and appear cool, however, it seems to have backfired as he received several comments and even issued an apology on national radio.

Rishi Sunak trolled online over trainers

A video from Rishi Sunak’s latest interview shows him wearing a white shirt, blue chinos and Adidas Samba, the current trendy shoe, which has been dubbed ‘this year’s It-footwear’ and ‘the official shoe of the season’ as per The Guardian.

As a result of wearing Adidas Samba, Rishi Sunakreceived several comments online complaining that the Prime Minister had ruined the shoes for everyone. As per The Guardian, British GQ magazine published an op-ed, headlined: Can Rishi Sunak leave the Adidas Samba alone, please?

British GQ Magazine said:

In a bid to present himself as young and hip, Rishi Sunak took an eternally cool sneaker and ruined it for everyone.

Journalist Ed Cumming also hoped on the bandwaggon and tweeted:

Thinking of the Adidas Samba community at this difficult time.

A trainers enthusiast jokingly tweeted that in 2025, Adidas will be forced to discontinue the Sambas as not enough people are buying them:

In 2025, sales of Adidas Sambas were so low that the ailing sportswear giant was forced to discontinue them. To this day, no one knows why.

Rishi Sunak issued an apology on national radio

Due to the number of online remarksRishi Sunak received after the interview, he issued an apology on national radio. Indeed, the Tory Prime Minister was on LBC Radio and admitted that he has been a ‘longtime devotee’ of Adidas and has been wearing their trainers for years.

He said, as reported by The Guardian:

I issue a fulsome apology to the Samba community. But, in my defence, I would say I have been wearing Adidas trainers including Sambas – and others, in fact – for many, many years.

Sunak revealed that his brother actually bought him his first pair of Adidas trainers ‘many, many years ago’ for Christmas and that since then, he hasn’t ‘looked back’.

Sunak admitted that the pair of Samba trainers he bought himself but he’s had other Adidas trainers for years:

That pair [in the video] I did buy, but I’ve had Adidas trainers for a very long time.

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