Laura Whitmore back in Majorca for Casa Amor fallout

Love Island presenter has returned to Majorca for the first time since the beginning of the series.

Love Island
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Love Island

Fans will have noticed that Love Island host Laura Whitmore hasn’t been in the villa much this series. With coronavirus restrictions still unpredictable, international travel is far from straightforward this year. But with Casa Amor in full swing, it looks like Laura will soon be back in the villa.

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Laura returns to Majorca

On Sunday night’s Aftersun, host Laura received one of the infamous Love Island texts, reading:

Laura, it’s time to head to the island for Casa Amor... let the fun begin! #packyourbags #twovillasarebetterthanone #newlocationnewtemptation #haveyouhadapcrtest #haveyoufilledoutyourpassengerlocatorform #areyoudoublejabbed

And it sounds like the answer to all those #questions was a resounding yes as Laura has now landed back in Majorca. On Tuesday, she shared a selfie wearing a bright pink and yellow swimsuit by the sea, captioned: ‘Wish you were here...'

Casa Amor recoupling

Laura will no doubt be entering the villa for the explosive recoupling that will take place when the boys return fromCasa Amor. It’s the ultimate test for the Islanders as they each decide whether to stay loyal to their partner or recouple with a new bombshell—without knowing what their partner in the other villa has decided.

So far, viewers have seen Jake resist temptation to stay loyal to Liberty, while fan favourite Liam looks set to stray from his ‘Millie Moo’. Teddy—who is currently coupled up with Faye—was the only boy other than Jake not to share a bed with one of the new girls. But with Clarisse Juliette seemingly very interested, will he stay loyal for long?

Laura Whitmore hits back at Love Island Reunion backlash Laura Whitmore hits back at Love Island Reunion backlash