Amy Schumer Has Changed Her Son's Name After Realising it Sounded Like Genital

Bringing a child into the world and then having to name it is no easy task, as discovered by Amy Schumer who has had to change her son's name after discovering it sounded like genital.

Amy Schumer and Family
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Amy Schumer and Family

It has been almost a year since Amy Schumer and husband Chris Fischer brought a precious baby boy into the world and it has taken the both of them a whole year to realise that the name Gene Attell Fischer sounds oddly suspicious.

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The couple wanted to pay homage to comedian Dave Attell but as Amy Schumer soon discovered, the Gene Attell Fischer sounds just like genital fissure.

Amy revelled on her podcast 3 girls, 1 Keith: "Do you guys know that Gene, our baby's name, is officially changed? It's now Gene David Fischer. It was Gene Attell Fischer, but we realised that we, by accident, named our son 'genital'."

The baby's name has since been changed to Gene David Fischer which still hints at Gene Attell but also Chris Fisher's father but that's not the only benefit as the likeliness of future schoolyard bullying has also greatly been reduced.

Funnily enough, the original name as granted which doesn't always happen. While there aren't any naming laws in the UK, names can be rejectedif they ignore certain criteria.

Names can be rejected by the registering office if they contain royal titles, numbers, or obscenities. So far names such as Rouje, Chow Tow and Martian have all been previously rejected.

In New Zealand, a family was once taken to court and demanded to allow their daughter a name change after naming her Tullulah Does The Hula In Hawaii. And, in France, the name Bob l'éponge has also been banned. That's right, someone once tried to name their child after Spongebob Squarepants.

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