Amber Heard claims that Johnny Depp encouraged his daughter to take drugs

The feud between the ex-couple is at an all-time high. With Amber Heard’s turn on the stand, she revealed some shocking details about their relationship.

The battle continues between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Both have them have been clashing in the battle of truth for quite some time now ever since Amber accused Johnny of domestic violence. At the latest trial hearing, it was Amber’s turn to take the stand and she disclosed some pretty shocking revelations.

Johnny Depp’s daughter

Lily-Rose Depp Emma McIntyre/SHJ2021

Johnny kept it no secret that his children did not attend his wedding with Amber Heard back in 2015. Amber, in her live testimony, revealed that Johnny would encourage his previously underaged daughter to consume marijuana. On Thursday, May 4, Amber opened up about her relationship with Johnny’s children, she said:

I fell in love with these toddlers, who were very intelligent, and strange, but in a good way

Johnny Depp admitted to cheating on Vanessa Paradis with Amber Heard. Vanessa and Johnny were in relation for about 14 years from 1998 to 2012, and are parents to a daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, 22, and a son John Christopher 'Jack' Depp III, 20.

Amber Heard’s confessions

Amber further confesses that Johnny would offer his daughter marijuana when she was underage. She opens up that she felt a duty toward the children and would try to discourage them from taking marijuana but would often be apprehended by them. She says:

She was so young. I felt protective. It's not my place and I made him really angry by weighing in on that.

People magazine reported that Amber also divulged, how Lilly-Rose had a ‘crush’ on a musician when she was underage. The musician was invited to their home by Johnny and Amber was ‘concerned about a famous musician over the age of 18’ staying with them. Amber further discloses that she tried to take the evidence of Johnny’s misdemeanours multiple times.

He would pass out, he would get sick, he would lose control of himself. And people would find him, treat him. I was taking pictures to get evidence

Amber added that he was ‘constantly on drugs, fasting, never sleeping’. The truth is yet to be revealed, however, Amber's latest testimony could turn the course of this trial towards a very different path and also could undermine Johnny's defence.

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