These Women Formed A Human Chain Hundreds Of Miles Long For An Incredible Reason

These Women Formed A Human Chain Hundreds Of Miles Long For An Incredible Reason

To support a law lifting the ban on Hindu temple access for some women, tens of thousands of Kerala residents recently formed a huge human chain throughout the Indian state, stretching hundreds of miles.

On Tuesday, January 1st, 2019, a chain of tens of thousands of women was made across the state of Kerala, in southern India, which extended over 385 miles. Called the ‘Wall of Women,’ this demonstration was organised in support of a court decision lifting the ban on women aged 10 to 50 from entering the Hindu temple of Ayyappa in Sabarimala.

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This ban, lifted by the Supreme Court, provoked several weeks of demonstrations in India. Among the supporters of the court decision included officials of the Communist Government of Kerala, who supported the rallies. The latter had also assured that five million women would participate in the march on Tuesday, January 1st. In order for students to attend the events, university exams were delayed and half a day was given to schools, according to the Press Trust of India as reported by BFMTV.

A decision that divides political parties

Since September, there has been a real clash in the state of Kerala between supporters of the Supreme Court ruling and Hindu traditionalists. Authorities have already arrested more than 2,000 people during confrontations with residents in favour of the ban. While the government of Kerala supports the lifting of the ban, it has been rejected by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s nationalist party Bharatiya Janata (BJP), who supports a ban on access to the Hindu temple to all women.

Check out the video above to see these inspiring women in action! 

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