Beautiful: woman shaves her head & eyebrows to support her little sister undergoing chemotherapy

In a touching video, an American woman shares the moment when she decides to shave her head & eyebrows in solidarity with her younger sister who lost her own due to cancer treatment. The little girl's reaction is incredibly touching.

Cancer is a horrible disease that doesn't discriminate - the young aren't excluded from its path. Unfortunately, this proves to be true for American girl Gabbie, who can be seen in the video above.

Fortunately, cancer treatments like chemotherapy exist to kill certain kinds of cancer. While chemotherapy proves to be effective for a range of different cancers, it's quite aggressive. Among the many side effects that come from chemotherapy, there is fatigue, nausea, and hair loss.

While the side effects of chemotherapy can be physically taxing on the human body, hair loss is one that can affect a person mentally - especially a young girl. Losing all of your hair at that age when so much of your self-confidence is derived from how you think you look can deal quite a blow.

That's what makes the act of Gabbie's older sister so beautiful. She knows what it's like growing up as a young girl and how Gabbie must be feeling. To try and help her sister through a difficult time, she supports her by shaving her own head and eyebrows.

'These are meaningless Gabbie'

As she stands and delivers a pep talk, Gabbie's sister starts shaving her eyebrows. Gabbie looks stunned beyond all belief. Gabbie's sister assures her that she looks beautiful no matter what, and the sisters embrace each other.

Check out the video above to see the whole thing go down. Be prepared - you may need tissues!

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