5 Brilliant Ways To Use Your Ice Cube Tray In The Winter

5 Brilliant Ways To Use Your Ice Cube Tray In The Winter

If you're like us, you use your ice cube tray a lot during the summer but then it quickly gets forgotten at the bottom of the freezer as the weather cools down. Well, no more, with these tips we'll use them all year round.

Here are some nifty ways you can put your ice cube tray to good use when it's just too chilly for ice! 

1. Freeze coffee or cream: Use the ice cube trays to freeze coffee or cream, it's perfect to make iced coffee that's not too diluted plus it's a quick grab and go. 

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2. Freeze herbs: Use them to freeze fresh herbs - just mix it with a little olive oil or vinegar. And the next time you cook just pop the cube right in. 

3. Freeze pasta sauce: You can also freeze pasta sauces in ice cube trays - which is another great no-waste and time-saving tip.

4. Paint palettes: For something a little different, ice cube trays also make great paint palettes. It's great for blending and creating watercolours. 

5. Freeze wine: After a party, instead of tossing your leftover wine - place them in an ice cube tray then use it for cooking. 

Check out the video above for a demonstration of these hacks in action! 

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