This Puppy Has Cancer - And He's Got A New Job To Pay For His Chemo

Norberto is a puppy that lived on the street in Argentina. His destiny changed forever the day his owner found him in a veterinary clinic. She decided to help him in a way that moved thousands of internet users.

Norberto arrived at the veterinary clinic called ‘Lola Polola’ with an infection in his throat. Noelia Tacacho, the owner of the clinic, and her team cured and castrated him. After the surgery, they discovered that he had a Transmissible Venereal Tumour that could only be cured with expensive chemotherapy sessions.

Noelia explained that chemotherapy would cost 0 and that she needed to find a way to pay for the treatment. And Norberto’s story went public on social media and they raised a lot of awareness.

She published a photo on Facebook of the clinic. The photo shows a picture of the dog with a sign that reads ‘I’m selling vests to pay for my chemo’. The image went viral and was shared by more than 1,600 people in just two days.

Although Noelia’s gesture was really touching for lots of internet users, lots of other people thought that it was just a way to promote her clinic. The owner defended herself saying that she just wanted people to buy the products to be able to pay for Norberto’s treatment.

Take a look at the video above for more on Norberto's story...

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