This Marathon Ended In Turmoil After Runner Savagely Attacked Dog

This Marathon Ended In Turmoil After Runner Savagely Attacked Dog

A marathon held in Valladolid in Mexico has unfortunately sparked much controversy amongst animal lovers. One member of the public who was watching the marathon managed to capture an incident on their mobile phone that has since gone viral.

Onlookers at a Marathon that took place in the Mexican city of Valladolid witnessed a terrifying scene recently.  Midway through the marathon, an innocent dog began to run alongside a group of runners. Seemingly annoyed by the dog’s appearance, one runner proceeded to aggressively kick the dog out of the way.

As a result of this horrendous incident, the dog was then accidentally run over by a passing bicycle. Members of the public attended to the dog and took to social media to share what had happened and to seek information. The events were echoed by other spectators. Eventually, thanks to the power of social media, internet users managed to track down the guilty party: Manuel Alcocer.

Regretful... but is it too late? 

Acknowledging the severity of his actions, the young man used his personal Facebook account to issue a video apology: ‘It was an innocent animal that did not deserve what I did to him, unfortunately I acted without thinking and I apologise with all my heart’.

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Associations against cruelty to animals in Mexico such as Red Animal Yucatan were not satisfied with his apology. They are calling for him to be banned from taking part in all future sporting events.

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