This heroic dog saves the life of his elderly owner who was drowning

When his elderly owner falls out of his wheelchair into a lake, a brave dog saves his life.

Police have hailed a brave dog for saving his 81-year-old owner from drowning on a daily stroll when he slipped into a lake. Mr Smith, the owner, was walking his dog in a park in Port St Lucie, Florida when the incident occurred. According to a spokeswoman for the Port St Lucie Police Department:

His electric wheelchair lost traction, causing him to slide down the bank and flip off his wheelchair into the lake. Mr Smith began to yell for help as he could not swim and struggled to stay afloat.
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Brave dog

The beagle cross began barking loudly when he realised his owner was in trouble, alerting two individuals walking across the street to the incident. The spokeswoman said:

The bystanders rushed over to the lake and flagged down officer Doty who was driving on Airoso Blvd.

Officer Doty and the bystanders helped the man out of the lake only because of his dog’s quick and intelligent response. They aided him by pushing him back to his residence after he received medical care on the scene and was given the okay to return home. Social media users have been admiring the dog for his bravery, as many have been astounded by the dog's response.

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