This Dog Went For A Swim, And Was Joined By An Unlikely Friend

This Dog Went For A Swim, And Was Joined By An Unlikely Friend

We at the editorial staff of Best Friends, love nothing more than being able to share wonderful and inspiring stories of friendship. And this often bring together species that may seem to have nothing in common. Do you want a new example? Here it is!

In the Australian town of Glenelg, a beautiful friendship was forged between a dog and a dolphin. A real life 'Zeus and Roxanne' story.


While a couple of Australians spent a lunch picnicking on the shores of Lake Patawalonga, they heard a person loudly call his dog.


"My partner and I were picnicking by the lake around 8 pm when we heard someone call his dog, I looked in the water and saw a black Labrador swimming, then came a dolphin, the dog swam to catch him, they seemed to be playing together, I went to the edge to get a better picture,” said the person who took the video.


For 20 long minutes, the dog swam with the dolphin, having fun and following it around as a crowd gathered by the lake to witness this beautiful event.

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Finally, tired of swimming, the Labrador dog finally decided to return to shore and leave his buddy of the day. He turned around and started paddling towards dry land.

Then, as if to thank him, the dolphin jumped over the dog, as if wanting to encourage him to continue playing!

Check out the video above to see this unlikely pair enjoying their unique friendship!

Source: ABC News

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