This Dog May Never Win Crufts, But He's Won Something Even Better

He didn’t win the race, but he definitely won over the hearts of everyone in the audience: Kratu, a big ball of mischievous fur, has absolutely no respect for the agility course he was competing in. And yet his performance really made the judges laugh at how adorable he is!

Agility courses for dogs are not something to be taken lightly: pooches are trained for months in preparation for these competitions. During a race last year at Crufts, a renowned dog show in England, a candidate delighted the hearts of spectators with a magnificent performance!

Kratu, a happy dog

He’s called Kratu, and he’s not a top-rate athlete. This dog was saved from abuse but a shelter, thanks to which he found a new owner, Tessa Eagle Swan. Suffering from autism, Tessa found Kratu to be a loyal friend , and the dog even became ambassador of the dogs’ home during canine events.

An adorable loser!

At an agility course organised by Crufts, Kratu was a competitor. Although his race was starting, the dog seemed very distracted…and completely messed up his performance! He bypassed the obstacles and instead asked for cuddles from the people at the side of the hall. He then lay down in the little tunnels, exited through the entrance, all with a light and mischievous air!

Happy and completely mad, Kratu has only ever competed in this race, and it shows! His owner, pleased to see him having fun, definitely doesn’t hold it against him.

He did not perhaps win the competition, but he definitely won the hearts of everyone in the audience!

To see Kratu’s performance, watch the video above!

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