This Adorable Puppy’s Eyes Are All The Buzz On The Web

This little puppy is creating quite the the buzz on the internet with her endearing look. See her for yourself!

Meet Winnie, a little cocker spaniel born in October 2019. Like all baby animals, she is adorable. However, the particularity of little Winnie is to melt all internet users with her beautiful eyes.

winnie_thecocker, the Instagram account that's melting all our hearts…

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Play timeeeee for me! I LOVE my toys😋

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Like any self-respecting pet owner, setting up an Instagram account to post adorable pictures of your dog or cat is a totally ordinary thing to do. This is the case of Winnie, a cute little female cocker spaniel whose photos are regularly published on the Instagram account winnie_thecocker.

There are many photographs of the puppy whose eyes would melt even the hardest of hearts. Of hazelnut colour, Winnie’s eyes seem to have conquered all of her followers. The dog poses with toys, clothes or in the garden. All the moments of her young life as a dog that we all love to see.

Her followers seem to be totally under the charm of this little dog straight out of a Disney movie, and do not hesitate to comment on all the published photos:

‘Winnie is the cutest dog I've ever seen! Is she an English cocker spaniel or is she a cross-breed? I have never seen a cocker spaniel with hazel eyes, absolutely adorable!’

With only 25 publications and already more than 250,000 followers, winnie_thecocker seems to be the Instagram account to follow in 2020!

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