Thanks To This Family, Disabled Dogs All Over Europe Can Lead A Happier Life

Husband and wife Tim Giles and Cassie Carney are dedicated to helping disabled animals everywhere have a better quality of life.

Thanks To This Family, Disabled Dogs All Over Europe Can Lead A Happier Life
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After witnessing how many disabled dogs in Europe were being abandoned or euthanised, Tim and Cassie decided to step up and do something - establishing their charity Broken Biscuits.

Alongside their day jobs, Tim and Cassie work tirelessly for their cause which aims to provide specialist equipment such as wheelchairs for animals with disabilities and to find forever homes for dogs that are just a little bit different.

They are firm believers in practicing what they preach too: together with five-year-old daughter Lily, they are the owners of three pets with different disabilites - a three-legged cat, a deaf Cavalier King Charles spaniel and a triple-amputee Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese cross Otto who uses a wheelchair.

Sadly, many of the disabled dogs that are found in shelters are known as 'lifers' because no one ever wants to adopt them. Tim and Cassie are helping to change this by altering people's perceptions and showing that caring for a disabled pet can be extremely rewarding.

Tim says: 'We aren’t in a depressing industry. This is all about improving the quality of life and getting them up, active and involved. Dogs will respond well if you give them the opportunity.'

What a wonderful family working for such a great cause!