Police Were Left Gobsmacked By What They Found In This Routine Vehicle Check

Whilst out on patrol, some policemen got a huge surprise - they were checking out a small truck on a motorway in Bavaria and couldn’t believe what they found in the loading space.

Police and custom duties officers probably see lots of surprising things. But what happened with officials in Bavaria sounds quite a lot like 101 Dalmatians…

Smuggled puppies

The police in Bavaria in Germany were carrying out security checks on a small truck on the A6 motorway. They were checking out the driver and passenger and then opened the loading space. There, they found something that they did not expect to find: 37 puppies!

The animals were crammed in small cages and whimpering, as the online news source Stern.de reported. The police freed the puppies and took them to different animal shelters. The smugglers were then stuck with a 25,000 euro fine for illegally transporting animals.

Warnings from the police

Police at the German border in Bavaria are making discoveries like this more and more frequently. Animals are quite often in high demand, so they are bred in East Europe and then driven across the border to West Europe in awful conditions.

A lot of these animals are separated from their mothers at too young an age and never go to the vets for a check-up. Puppies aren’t vaccinated and can end up getting multiple infections and diseases. Therefore, the police have issued a warning about illegally smuggling puppies. So if you want a pet, go to a trusted breeder!

Check out the video above for more on this shocking story...

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