In New York, People Are Leaving Their Dogs In Boxes In The Streets

An innovation called the Dog Parker was launched by a startup company in New York, United States. The dog house service is placed outside of popular stores - it lets you lock your dog inside whilst you shop. Although this may seem like an innovation of a lifetime, several people feel that it's cruel to confine animals. Watch our video to learn more!

Looking after a pet can be a huge responsibility especially if you live in a big city like New York. Many dog owners take their pets everywhere with them and typically tie their dogs to a post whilst they quickly shop. Most pet owners living in New York are also scared to leave their dogs unattended outside because dog theft is a big problem in the city. Therefore, the Dog Parker was created. It costs about £0.15 per minute or about £19 per year to use the service.

What exactly is the Dog Parker? It's a smart dog house that is located outside of popular stores throughout New York and provides a comfortable place for the dog to wait whilst the owner does a little shopping. The dog house is fully equipped with a camera that can be accessed via a mobile application. The pet owner can easily monitor the condition of their dog whilst they shop or pick up a coffee. It doesn't stop there, the dog house also has heat, air-conditioning, and UV lights which kill bacteria and viruses at the surface. And apparently the dog house is vet approved because the company consulted with several veterinarians to ensure the well-being of the dog prior to the launch.

Although this seems like a clever innovation, people are still opposed to the idea of confining their dogs. They are concerned about the dog's well-being and leaving them alone in a box. It's one of the challenges that the company is facing today. The co-founder of Dog Parker, Chelsea Browridge, disagrees with some of the public's negative comments about animal confinement. She explained 'We monitor every session from HQ so we see the pups all the time. The average trip to the houses is short - less than 15 minutes'. Tell us what you think about the Dog Parker today!

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