Can You Spot The Dogs Hiding In Each Of These Photos?

  • This little guy loves his basket!
  • What's that? Oh just a pup blending in to his natural surroundings.
  • A little black lab, patiently waiting for his family to come home.
  • This gorgeous goldie loves his favourite step.
  • A dog coloured duvet? Or, a duvet coloured dog?

Chameleons are not the only ones who blend in according to their surroundings. To prove it to you, here's 16 photos of dogs hidden in the background. Some of these canine characters simply have a gift. Others, have been snapped at the perfect moment for our own amusement. 

Scroll through our gallery and see how long it takes you to spot the cheeky canine hiding in each one!
• Emma Jensen
‘Oreo’ Puppies Are The New Fashion On Social Media!

‘Oreo’ Puppies Are The New Fashion On Social Media!