A Woman Was Being Abused By Her Husband... Then Her Dog Did Something Incredible

  • In Spain, a dog became a hero!
  • He brutally attacked his owner…
  • ...who was about to beat his wife!
  • The woman owes her life to the actions of this dog
  • She was taken to the hospital

This is a great example of courage and sensitivity on the part of this dog-hero! In Spain, a man who had been beating his partner for a year was suddenly attacked by his dog, while he was raising his hand against his wife once again…

Did this dog just have enough of seeing his owner mistreat his spouse?

An act of courage

In the Catalan city of Tarragona in Spain, a 25-year-old man was violently bitten on the forearm and nose by his pet. Why this sudden outburst of violence on the part of the little canine against his master?

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Simply because, according to the complaint filed with the Spanish authorities, it was because he started once again beating the woman with whom he shared his life, following yet another domestic dispute.

A year of abuse

At the police station, the battered woman explained that she was suffering from both physical and psychological abuse. Injured in the face, the woman was taken care of by the Tarragona police patrol so that she could be treated and then press charges.

When it came to the abuser, he was placed in custody for domestic violence. The story could have ended up much worse if this brave dog had not defended the defenceless woman when faced with this man who was mistreating her.

Rob Mitchell
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