These Disney-Inspired Manicures Are Fit For A Princess

  • The Little Mermaid: Try choosing colours like this to stand out!
  • The Little Mermaid: Try decorating your nails with large glitter chunks and starfishes!
  • Frozen: This is the perfect look to mimic Elsa. The clear coat and powerful glitter really makes it stand out!
  • Frozen: How about going bold and shaping your nails like this? The blue really makes your nails POP!
  • Aladdin: This is an exotic look that would mimic Jasmine's style! The gold and blue really compliment each other!

If you're a fan of nail art and Disney princesses then this article is made just for you. Glitter, colours, and awesome designs that are inspired by both new and classic Disney princesses. Take a look at our gallery today!

Beautiful Disney Princess Inspired Manicures

1. The Little Mermaid: Use colours like purple and teal to create a ocean effect. Don't be afraid to use glitter or metallic colours to make it pop more. If you want to go bold then paint flounder on one of your nails. 

2. Frozen: Use different shades of blue and white and add snowflakes with ice swirls to your nails for cute patterns. 

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3. Aladdin: Use different shades of teal and use gold to make the colour stand out more. Use patterns with swiggly lines and add a bottle where the genie comes out of. 

4. Pocahantas: Use dark red and nude to embrace the beautiful native look. 

5. Beauty And The Beast: Use colours like gold, yellow, or white and add patterns like roses or a teacup on your nails. 

6. Rapunzel: Use shades of purple to get a Rapunzel inspired look. 

7. Cinderella: Use light blue, clear, or white on your fingernails. Silver glitter will also make your nails stand out. 

8. Tinkerbell: Lime green and silver are the perfect colours to use on your nails. Add glitter on one nail to make it stand out. Or you can use gold and pale green if you want a different look. 

9. The Sleeping Beauty: Use colours like pink and white to get a beautiful Sleeping Beauty look. 

10. Snow White: Use red, white, and black to represent Snow White. To add more detail, try using an apple on one of your nails. 

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