Here's What Our Favourite Cartoon Animals Would Look Like As Humans

The animals from our childhoods reimagined as humans.

Sometimes, there are some questions that are better left unanswered. For example, how can mirrors be real if our eyes aren’t? Or even, if you consider a tomato a fruit, does that mean that we should be thinking of ketchup as a type of jam? In short, these are questions that should be left for when our sanity has gone in a cloud of smoke. Among these thoughts is ‘what would characters from our favourite childhood cartoons look like if they were human?’ and it has definitely got some creative and illustrative ideas.

Brightside published a series of illustrations that transform animals from animation series into humans. Among these creations are famous faces from Disney such as Timon and Pumba, Simba and Nala and even Goofy. And there are also characters from more recent films like Zootopia.

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Although the majority of these illustrations are very well done, like Simba and Nala and Timon and Pumba, it should be noted that some are a bit… uncomfortable? For example, if we came across Goofy in the middle of the night, we’d cross the road as soon as possible. And if your friend introduces you to their little nephew and he looks like SpongeBob, it is quite acceptable to recommend putting him up for adoption.

For more galleries like this, find our articles on how Pokemon would look if they were human, or even drawings of characters from the League of Legends that were done with their eyes closed.

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