An Avengers-Style Disney Princesses Movie Could Be In The Works

After the Disney Princesses banded together for a memorable scene in Ralph Breaks The Internet, fans are calling on the studio to make an entire film based on the princesses - and it just might happen.

Everyone has their favourite Disney princess. Whether you're a fan of the old-school princesses like Snow White and Cinderella, the ladies from the Disney Renaissance era like Belle, Mulan and Ariel or the very latest Disney heroines like Tiana and Elsa, there was something seriously magical about seeing them all come together for the first time in Ralph Breaks The Internet.

In the film, we got to see our favourite princesses as never before as they relaxed in pyjamas chatting to Vanellope, the film's heroine. Later on in the movie, we got to see the princesses leap into action to rescue Ralph - proving once and for all that Disney princesses are no longer damsels in distress.

The scenes had such an impact on audiences that the film's directors are now keenly considering a follow-up movie focusing solely on the princesses. In the same way that Marvel's Avengers movies bring together all of our favourite superheroes, a movie seeing all the Disney princesses team up again sounds seriously amazing.

Check out the video above to see what Ralph Breaks The Internet's directors had to say about the idea of a Disney Princesses follow-up!

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