The Five Essential Oils That Will Make The Pounds Drop Off!
The Five Essential Oils That Will Make The Pounds Drop Off!
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The Five Essential Oils That Will Make The Pounds Drop Off!

Essential oils can be real heroes when it comes to your weight loss goals. These five oils, in particular, are especially great to help you achieve your dream body. Find out more below!

It’s not just nuts that can help if you want to shed a few pounds of change your eating habits, but it turns out essential oils can also work wonders.

They can be used in various ways as well. There are some essential oils that you just need to put a few drops on your food to help relieve hunger for example, but there are also others that can do even more to help. Check out the five oils below that will be your best friends in weight loss.

The front runners

‘Dids/Pexels – Various types of oil are used in cooking, but five very special essential oils can also help you lose weight’

Using essential celery oil: This oil removes toxins from your body and stimulates your liver which gently helps promote healthy digestion. Try putting a few drops of it in your salads, soups or juices.

Sage essential oil is your best friend in your weight loss journey: Massage this oil into your abdomen to help firm up your skin.

A juniper essential oil massage: This oil has a draining and stimulating effect on your blood vessels. Applying this oil helps reduce cellulite and removes fat quite quickly. Take a neutral oil (almond, jojoba) and add a few drops of juniper oil before you start massaging.

Geranium oil prevents water retention and helps you feel less bloated. Just like juniper oil, this essential oil needs to only be applied to the specific areas that need to be treated.

Essential tarragon oil helps prevent flatulence. Take it with a spoon of honey or oil so it works in the intestine. You can also use it to curb your appetite by putting a small drop on your tongue. It will make your sugar cravings quickly disappear and you will feel full quicker.

But if you prefer tea as a way to lose weight, you should definitely click here. Tea is also a perfect tool to help detoxify and purify the body, but similarly, there are various types that work in different ways.

By Lindsay Wilson

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