A Factory Accident Caused A Real-Life Chocolate River To Run Through This German Town

A Factory Accident Caused A Real-Life Chocolate River To Run Through This German Town

It may sound like something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but this really did happen - as an accident at a German chocolate factory transformed a street into a chocolate river...

Working for a chocolate factory may sound like a dream job... but it turns out it can sometimes go very wrong - as this incredible footage from Germany proves. In one of the busiest times for chocolatiers in the lead-up to Christmas, a 'small technical problem' led to a literal ton of chocolate overflowing down a street - transforming it into a chocolate river.

The incident occurred when a delivery tank overflowed - leading to the liquid milk chocolate spreading for 10 metres down the street and causing roads to be blocked off for two hours whilst authorities sorted out the somewhat sticky situation...

Thanks to the freezing temperatures, the chocolate solidified quickly, meaning that it took a full team of 25 firefighters to clean up the giant chocolate bar with shovels. The rest of the mess was then blasted with hot water and flame throwers to fully clean the road up. 

The chocolate factory's boss says he was just relieved that the incident didn't lead to a shutdown in production two weeks before Christmas - as he says that would have been 'a catastrophe'. But whilst chocolate may be exactly what we all need in winter, we can't imagine commuters were too happy with the disruption that was caused...

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Take a look at the video above to see the incredible scenes that were caused by the chocolate river! 

Daisy Jones
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