This Boy Made The Crowd Go Wild With Some Incredible Dance Moves (Video)
This Boy Made The Crowd Go Wild With Some Incredible Dance Moves (Video)
This Boy Made The Crowd Go Wild With Some Incredible Dance Moves (Video)
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He Should Be One Of Jennifer Lopez's Tour Dancers

It's the new viral video of the week. This boy made the audience go wild when he started dancing in the middle of a concert.

This child became an overnight viral sensation after he started dancing at a concert. Those who witnessed it immediately started cheering him on and filming him, and the video, which was posted on Facebook, went viral and received a slew of comments in no time.

Some of us are born with two left feet and no rhythm, and can't take a dance class without standing out for being that one person who can't keep up. But then, there are people like this little boy who had a hidden talent and shocked everyone with his dance moves. It literally drove the crowd wild. Because he doesn't just dance like anyone else, this kid dances with swagger and style.

You'd be surprised to know how much talent people keep to themselves, but thanks to the Internet, we get to witness it. Not only do people get to reveal their talent on televised 'talent shows', but many also get discovered on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram now.

Seeing him dance reminded us of Beyonce dancing to 'Single Ladies' and, with his moves and a little training, we wouldn't be surprised to see him dancing on stage alongside a famous celebrity someday.

The video, which was posted on Facebook, quickly became the viral video of the week and received tons of comments, such as: "If he studies as well as he dances", "You should be a backup dancer in Jennifer Lopez's tour." The video has more than 2 million views and 36 thousand comments and was shared more than 100 thousand times. This kid really has rhythm in his bones.

If you haven't seen him tear up the dancefloor, or rather the concert, play the video! You don't want to miss this!

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