This Tiny Baby Wallaby Peeping Out Of Its Mother's Pouch Is The Most Adorable Thing We've Ever Seen

This extremely rare footage of a baby wallaby was caught at Chester Zoo in Sydney. Its little head coming out of its mother's marsupial pouch will be the cutest thing you see today.

The dusky wallaby is a species native to Indonesia. The marsupial keeps growing in its mother's womb until its seventh month. The zoo will be able to know its sex and give it a name only when it completely leaves and the mother lets them get close.

The baby has just started to come out of its mother's pocket. There is not much time left before the little wallaby will be able to jump on its own two legs. Meanwhile, the mother has a very strong muscle that allows her calf not to fall.

The dusky wallaby is a species whose danger of extinction will increase if it continues to live in the jungle. Its population dropped by 30% in the last 20 years due to clandestine hunting but also because its natural habitat has been badly damaged.

According to Tim Rowlands, a zoo keeper, many things about this animal are still unknown. There are many mysteries to uncover about these fantastic kangaroos.

We'll leave you with the adorable footage of this little one beginning to see the light in the video above...

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