Sarah Everard: Police officer sentenced to a full-life term

Wayne Couzens has been jailed for a full-life term for Sarah Everard’s rape and murder.

Police officer who kidnapped Sarah Everard and murdered her with his police belt under the false pretence of an arrest for violating COVID lockdown guidelines has been sentenced to life in prison. On the evening of March 3, Wayne Couzens, 48, snatched Sarah as she walked home from a friend's house in south London with his Metropolitan Police warrant card and handcuffs.

Couzens raped, strangled, and burned the 33-year-old marketing executive's body. In July, he admitted to kidnapping, rape, and murdering her.The confession from the police officer has infuriated people with rage, as police are supposed to protect people and not 'grotesquely murder or rape them.' As such, Lord Justice Fulford, who sentenced Couzens on Thursday, admitted that the case was ‘exceptionally high’ and thus, the whole life order is absolutely appropriate for such a heinous crime.

Bittersweet Time

Sarah’s mother is currently going through a bittersweet time in her life. Her mother spoke at Couzens' sentencing and condemned his perverted act, she told reporters:

I am tormented at the thought of what [Sarah] endured…I am repulsed by the thought of Wayne Couzens and what he did to Sarah.

While she was somewhat content that Sarah will be brought to justice, she could not help but shatter at the thought of losing her daughter too soon. Recalling her memories with Sarah, she said:

I yearn for her. I remember all the lovely things about her: she was caring, she was funny. She was clever, but she was good at practical things too. She was a beautiful dancer. She was a wonderful daughter. She was always there to listen, to advise, or simply to share with the minutiae of the day.

The right act

National Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, John Apter, feels that Couzens has been given the right sentence, even if it may not be enough. Admitting that Couzens evil act makes him sick to the stomach, he said:

No sentence will ever ease the pain for the family and friends of Sarah or undo the terrible damage this disgusting man has done. He doesn’t deserve to have another single day of freedom and I hope every day he spends in prison is a long one.

Further, Labour MP, Harriet Harman has also written letters to the Home Secretary and MET police department. She has asked for the resignation of the Met Police commissioner, Cressida Dick, in the wake of the Sarah Everard case. She also tweeted:

Sarah Everard was simply walking home. Women must be able to trust the police not fear them. Women's confidence in the police will have been shattered. Urgent action needed. Met Commissioner must resign.
Sarah Everard: All police officers should be re-vetted Sarah Everard: All police officers should be re-vetted