Marilyn Monroe's Former Lover Claims He Knows Who Killed Her

An actor from The Godfather who had a relationship with Marilyn Monroe claims he knows who is responsible for the actress’ death.

The actor Gianni Russo, who appeared in the cast of The Godfather Part II maintains that he knows the truth about Marilyn Monroe’s death. In his memoirs, entitled Holywood Godfather, which will come out on the 12th of March, the actor who played Carlo Rizzi describes his relationship with the iconic beauty, which lasted from 1958 until her death in 1962.

The actor, who was 19 years old at the time – Marilyn Monroe was 36 when she died – has a firm theory on the tragic demise of the Some Like It Hot heroine. And according to him, it was not suicide, as the official story suggests.

An inconvenient relationship

The star was reportedly killed by a relative of Robert Kennedy, the then Attorney General, who worried that the relationship between his brother John F. Kennedy – the President of the United States – and the actress would be revealed. Gianni Russo states, in an interview with the New York Post (see the video) and published on the 2nd of March, that the mafia had nothing to do with the death of the icon.

'They liked each other a lot. She was a girl who liked to party,' he explained.

Relations between the criminal underworld and the star were not always sunny. According to the Godfather actor, the criminal organisation had planned to set a trap for Marilyn Monroe, John and Robert Kennedy. The mafia wanted to film them having a threesome in a hotel in Nevada, in order to blackmail the 35th President of the United States to invade Cuba, which would have allowed the organisation to take back the upper hand in the island’s casinos.

But nothing went as planned: the President did not come to the meeting and the actress threatened to reveal everything to the press. That is what would have pushed Robert Kennedy to murder the star, according to Gianni Russo.

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