Fully vaccinated citizens are three times less likely to catch COVID, study reveals

Major study shows that those who have been double-jabbed are three times less prone to contracting COVID.

A major study has confirmed that those who have been double-jabbed with the COVID vaccine are three times more resistant to being infected with coronavirus.

Over 47,000 volunteers returned their PCR tests for the REACT-1 study, which was conducted between 24 June and 5 July in England to examine the varying levels of COVID-19 cases among the general public.

New revelations

It was discovered through this research that in recent months, one in every 170 persons had the virus,and these numbers kept doubling every six days.

There are serious concerns for medical practitioners, as cases are expected to continually rise especially after the country fully lifts off the restrictions on 19 July.

The REACT study also inquired into the infection rates of those who are fully vaccinated. It revealed that those who have been double jabbed under 65 are three times lower than the unvaccinated under 65.

In people aged 64 or younger, the frequency of the infection among those who received the two doses of the vaccine was 0.35% compared with 1.15% among those who have not received any vaccine.

Vaccine saving lives

The Department of Health has disclosed that latest data from Public Health England (PHE) shows the vaccination programme has saved approximately 27,000 lives and has prevented over 7 million from being infected by COVID-19.

It also reveals that those who have received the double dose can reduce symptomatic infection by 80%.

COVID-19: Infections are three times higher in those who have refused the vaccine COVID-19: Infections are three times higher in those who have refused the vaccine