These Are The 7 Foods You Should Avoid Reheating At All Costs

These Are The 7 Foods You Should Avoid Reheating At All Costs

When you don’t really feel like cooking and there are leftovers in the refrigerator, a small dish warmed up in the microwave can definitely do the trick. However some foods should not warmed up again. Here are a few of them.

Most foods can still be eaten after being reheated. However if you have leftovers from the 7 foods listed below, do not heat them up again because they could be toxic!


These vegetables should be eaten immediately after cooking. The nitrates they contain turn into nitrites (a carcinogenic substance) if they are reheated.


Like spinach, celery is composed of nitrates that become nitrite once the food is warmed up again. There is a tendency to use celery in soups that are kept in the fridge so that it can be used several times a week. Big mistake.


Like celery and spinach, beets contain nitrates. They should therefore be eaten immediately after cooking and do not reheat them.


The many benefits of the potato are rendered null when they are consumed the day after they are cooked.


Reheating eggs that have already been cooked can be toxic to the body and the digestive system.


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Cold chicken is often a common leftover meal, unlike red meat for example. This is not a coincidence, its high concentration of protein can cause digestive disorders if reheated.


They are the most dangerous food for your health if they are reheated, since they can lead to heart problems. If mushrooms are cooked, they must be eaten immediately or at least cold the following day.

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