These 'Magic' Gloves Will Halve The Time You Spend Washing Up

Do you end up spending so much time doing the washing up in your kitchen? Thanks to this revolutionary glove, you’ll never see this task the same way again! See the video for more.

If you hate doing the washing up, these magic gloves will make you like the chore a lot more. Known as KOBWA Magic, this silicone accessory with little rubber bits on it allows you to do the washing up in just a few seconds. It is the combination of a scrubber and a sponge that creates a quick lather and reaches those hard-to-reach places so you can clean your dishes quicker.

Another selling point: it can withstand the heat and can be used for the washing up but also to clean fruit and vegetables, clean your bathroom and even to get dust off your wardrobe. In other words, this is an accessory you NEED that will change your day to day life. How much does it cost? £5.98 on Amazon. We don’t know about you, but we’re going to order one right now!

Check out the video to see the magic washing up gloves in action!

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